OpenNox console

Enabling all commands

Just like in vanilla Nox, OpenNox starts with most console commands disabled. This is done to prevent cheating in the solo campaign. Most commands will not work in multiplayer, unless you are a server admin/host.

To enable all commands, open the console (F1 by default) and type:


Remote server administration

OpenNox does not support original RCON protocol based on telnet.

Instead, it implements remote console via built-in SSH server.

List commands

To get a list of all available commands, use help.

Here’s the list of the most interesting ones.


Take a screenshot and save it as a PNG image.



This command displays various information, including debug information.

Available sub-commands:

  • show bindings - lists all console bindings (macros).
  • show extents - toggle displaying of names and sizes for all objects on the screen.
  • show ai - toggle displaying of AI paths and prints all AI decisions to console.
  • show gui - toggle graphical user interface.


This command lists various in-game spells, items, monsters, maps and players.

These commands prints item IDs that can be the used with spawn command.

Available sub-commands:

  • list staffs - lists all staves and wands.
  • list armor - lists all armor.
  • list weapons - lists all weapons.
  • list food - lists all consumables.
  • list monsters - lists all monsters and NPCs.
  • list spells - lists all spells.
  • list maps - lists all maps.
  • list users - lists all players.


This command switches current game map to the one specified:

load wiz01a

In vanilla Nox, not every map can be loaded like that. For example, it’s impossible to load campaign maps in multiplayer. OpenNox allows bypassing those restrictions by using set maps allow.all command.

set god

A vanilla cheat for invulnerability, all spells and infinite mana.

set god

To disable:

unset god

Note that using this cheat will cause the character to learn all spells up to the maximal level. This cannot be reversed, even if the cheat is disabled. See cheat god if you only need invulnerability and infinite mana.

set quest

These command allow more controls for Nox Quest game mode. See this page for details.

set maps

These commands allow more control for game map loading.

  • set maps allow.all - disable game mode checks when loading the map; allows loading campaign in multiplayer, etc

cheat god

A cheat for invulnerability and infinite mana.

cheat god

To disable:

cheat god 0

For additionally getting all spells see cheat sage, or set god.

cheat sage

A cheat for getting all class spells, scrolls and/or abilities.

cheat sage

To disable:

cheat sage 0

cheat spells

A cheat for getting all spells.

For getting class spells:

cheat spells

For getting class spells with a specific spell level:

cheat spells 3

To get all spells, even hidden ones:

cheat spells all

cheat scrolls

A cheat for getting all beast scrolls.

cheat scrolls

To disable:

cheat scrolls 0

cheat goto

Teleport to given coordinates or a waypoint.

For teleporting to coordinates (X, Y):

cheat goto 1000 2000

For teleporting to a waypoint:

cheat goto MyWaypoint

cheat spawn

Spawn a given item or monster at the player’s position.

Command accepts IDs returned by the list command.

cheat spawn OblivionOrb
cheat spawn Mimic

It is also possible to specify a number of items to spawn:

cheat spawn RedApple 5

cheat gold

Adds specified amount of gold to all players.

cheat gold 10000

cheat health

Sets or restores health for the character.

Without arguments, command will restore health to maximum:

cheat health

You can also specify the desired health value:

cheat health 999

cheat mana

Sets or restores mana for the character.

Without arguments, command will restore mana to maximum:

cheat mana

You can also specify desired mana value:

cheat mana 999

cheat equip.all

Removes equipment requirements from all items. In other words, any class can equip and use any armor/weapons.

cheat equip.all

To disable it:

cheat equip.all 0

cheat charm.all

Allows charming any hostile creatures and NPCs (including scripted ones, humanoids, etc).

cheat charm.all

To disable it:

cheat charm.all 0

cheat summon.nolimit


The game may become unstable and crash, when using this command!

Remove the limit for the number of summoned creatures.

cheat summon.nolimit

To disable it:

cheat summon.nolimit 0


This commands executes given Lua code.

For example, to replicate cheat spawn RedApple with Lua:

apple = Nox.ObjectType("RedApple")
p =

In the console, each line must start with lua command:

lua apple = Nox.ObjectType("RedApple")
lua p =
lua apple:Create(p)

Notice that variables defined in one lua commands can be used in other ones.

It’s also possible to write a multi-line command in a single line:

apple = Nox.ObjectType("RedApple"); p =; apple:Create(p)



For more information about Lua scripting, see this page.